Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Favorite Devotional of the Week

I think I'll try something I read devotionals, I'll post my favorite of the week. And if I have a couple of favorites, well, I'll post one this week and one next week. So what will happen is, I will probably have a whole bunch saved up and share them in the next few weeks/months. Anyway, I use the Women's Devotional Bible 2 (NIV) and there are devotionals for the week/weekend throughout. I also read Our Daily Bread sometimes and have found some pretty cool ones that I've already posted (or at least "shared" from their site). I have a couple of other devotionals I like to read, too, so there's no shortage of great reading. 

But I finally decided to go through the Bible in a year, although, I decided I would go through it and go at my pace (of course, part of my pace is skipping a day or more, unfortunately). But I was determined to go through the whole Bible for once. I realized I'd never done this because I've been reading things I don't ever recall reading before. So here we go:

"City Lights" by Cynthia Culp Allen

A week after we moved to Los Angeles from northern California, I stepped into the backyard one evening for some time alone, Looking up at the night sky, I couldn't see even one star!

"I know the stars are up there, " I said. "This is the same sky we looked at last week in northern California. The stars are there, the lights of the city are just obscuring their light."

This realization made me think of the huge city with it's many distractions: streets lined with shops and businesses; fast-food eateries and restaurants; theaters; schools; and flashing neon lights everywhere urging people to stop at every one.

Life everywhere, not just in Los Angeles, is full of distractions that block out God. Yes, he is still there - always the same, unchanging, steadfast. But we are unaware of his presence because of everything else competing for our attention.

Still searching the sky for stars, I prayed, "Lord, you have brought us to this place through your clear direction. Please keep us committed to daily quiet times with you. Help us to practice your presence in the midst of the city's distractions. Let us shine with your light here in this darkness of unbelief."

Just as I finished my prayer I saw one tiny star blinking way up in the yellow sky.

Lord, we lived in L.A. for over a year now and our lives are still bright with you. Thank you for being faithful. The city's alluring distractions don't satisfy as you do. Keep lighting our days with your truth. 

Key verse: Micah 7:8       Passage: Micah 7:1-11

And if you know my situation, this is exactly what has happened with us. We lived in San Luis Obispo and I figured we would live there for the rest of our lives. You can read what happened here and here and here. Okay, just read from July 2008 on.... But this devotional caught my eye because Cynthia did the same thing. It was encouraging. We've been here two years now. Time flies. :)

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