Thursday, April 21, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday

I was so excited to go to the Dodgers game last Thursday, I must have forgotten to do a TTT. Oops! Well, today I'm sharing something special I received from a student (who is now married) I was mentoring at Grace Church. Kayla is a very special young lady. I never dreamed I would be a part of her life other than just seeing her at Youth Group, but God had other plans.
 We were preparing for our Youth trip to Mexico and Pastor Ken told the students to find someone to mentor them. I wasn't sure I could be a mentor, or meet with someone one-on-one, so I prayed, "If You want me to mentor a student, I will, but someone needs to approach me." Pretty selfish, huh?

Well, one Sunday, while walking downstairs to Youth Group, Kayla "happened" to be walking down with me. She said she had a question. "I've been thinking about someone to mentor me and I really want you to do that." WHAT? Of course, I coudln't say no. One, she's just such a sweetheart and so cute, but then, I did promise God I would do it if someone asked me.

So we met every week, went to Mexico, and then we came home. And to my surprise, I asked Kayla, "Do you want to keep meeting? We don't have to quit just because we're done with our trip." And she said yes. So through her High School years, we met every week. We had some great times of studying different books of the Bible, different subjects, and just praying and talking together. I was sad to end our time together when she graduated and went to college in Santa Barbara, but we keep in touch and I continue to watch her grow into a beautiful woman of God who is married and trying to be the Godly wife she is meant to be, learning to love and respect her husband more each day, learning to cook, and just loving being married and a "mom" to their dog, Beckett. :)

All this to say, that the treasured token this week is a cute little container that she decorated with the word "believe" and wrote a sweet little note on the bottom. I love this girl, and I continue to pray for her and Andrew. I love how God answers our selfish prayers. Remind me never to do that again - but just step out in faith and do what I know He would want me to do and "believe" that I can do whatever task He gives me because He is with me and will strengthen me and give me the tools I need to finish.

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