Monday, April 11, 2011

Favorite Family Photo

 (Amber, Liz, Gregg, Danielle, me, Dan)

This is one of my favorite photos where the four of us are actually in a pic together. My girls are grown and gone, but we still get together now and then. My youngest lives in OR and this is in when she came to visit. Her best friend (our "adopted" daughter) also came to visit and our son-in-law is also this family pic (doesn't happen often enough). The "kids" surprised Dad with a surprise lunch and dessert in Huntington Beach. This is taken after we had dessert - Dad having his favorite dessert...tiramisu. Great time with family.


Joanie said...

Aw, as cute! I love family pictures.

Joanie said...

Ahem, "so" cute, that is!