Thursday, April 7, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday

Well, I'm late for this, but it's still Thursday for now.

My co-worker and Friend, Paula gave us these for Christmas a few years ago. And I'm sorry to say I don't remember what was in it. Candy? Tea? Well, I love it. It's small, but it holds my Stevia/Splenda packs really well and it's so cute. I'm sad that when I washed it, the glitter started to come off. Duh! But I do miss working with Paula. She came to work in the office a couple of years after I began working there. She is the Graphic Artist and she taught me so much from the beginning. When I started working at Grace, I didn't know much about the computer...just what I taught myself at home. I learned a few things from a couple of people who passed through the doors through the 13 years I worked there. Kari helped me with Publisher and Paula helped me with the different programs we used for the graphics for the worship folder/bulletin. It was good to know these things so she could take time off to be with her family. If no one else knew that part of her job, she would not have been able to take the time off that she has been able to take. Cross training is a good thing. :)  And now her daughter works there...I'm jealous. Working at Grace was the best job I ever had and I miss it still.

I love Paula and her family. I've had the pleasure and privilege to go to her house for youth group activities, DWAPs (Dessert with a Purpose - Missions activity), and just to watch some Lakers games (which always became a time of anxiety for Tom, Daniel and me - haha - when the Lakers did silly stuff to almost lose the game). She is very hospitable. Loves her family. And her kids are great! I miss this family, but I'm glad to have this little porcelain jar to remind me of them and to pray for them.

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Paula said...

Edna told me about your post yesterday! I've never been mentioned in a blog before, boy do I feel special. Thanks for the kind words. I miss working with you so much. And speaking of the Lakers...WHAT IS GOING ON WITH TEHM?!? Geesh, not the time to be in a slump. Tom has already stopped watching them play...such a fareweather fan! God bless you Robbin! Love, Paula