Friday, April 29, 2011

InstaFriday snapshots

Well, I'm attempting to link up with Jeannett and her InstaFriday. Wish I had an IPhone, but I'm finally figuring out my phone some and can at least send my pics to Picasa and share here.

This week we were driving around and saw this ... of the first restaurants we found in Manhattan Beach. It was a nice place with good food and reasonable prices. We've been there a few times. It is now being remodeled and is going to be a totally different restaurant. I'm actually pretty sad about that.
We drove to the beach earlier this week when it was windy and cold. The beach was still a beautiful sight.
Tonight I really felt like having fish and chips. So we decided to head to Hermosa Beach Pier and see what they had there. We ended up at Hennessey's Tavern. Then we walked on the pier. If you look closely to the right of the sign, you can see the rooftop of the restaurant. We sat to the right facing the beach. I took the sunset picture from our seats. Then we walked on the pier. Like the Manhattan Beach Pier that has AVP plaques of champions as you walk the pier, Hermosa Pier has 'Surfers Walk of Fame' plaques. I've actually heard of some of the surfers.

I was sitting on my couch the other day and this caught my eye. For some reason I thought it would be a cool picture.
I bought the candle holder for my daughter, thinking she might want to use it for her wedding with rainbow candles. She said she had enough stuff and didn't need anymore. So, I decided to keep it and bought some candles at aunaturelle. Ordered three sets (rainbow colors) with three different scents. And I only light one or two at a time for a little while. So nice and smells wonderful.

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Jeannett said...

that restaurant with the rooftop view looks amazing! and fish and chips sounds sooooo good right now! i don't remember the last time i had that!