Friday, April 8, 2011

Linking with Jeannett

 Well, I don't have an IPhone, but I do have pics on my MyTouch phone. Got it on Ebay and I like it so much better than my previous phone. Though, one day I may have to get the IPhone for whatever reason. Anyway, here are a couple of pics from the phone.


Dan had just picked me up from work and we decided to head to the beach. We stopped at Dockweiler Beach. It was a cool day, but there were still a few brave souls out there. There were a couple of surfers, too. This is part of his bike ride home on the Strand. Not a bad place to bike, if you ask me.

Can you see it in the distance? Even through the ugly brown smog, we could still see Mt. Baldy all covered in snow. Taking this in the car, though, may not have been the best choice, but we can't stop in the middle of the 405.   
 I have been looking for shoes to go with my Mother of the Bride dress and I found these. What do you think? If the guys can wear Converse, why can't I wear these? My dress is platinum (Danielle wanted us in gray or silver and we found hers and my dress in Drain, OR at this cute little bridal store). I found these shoes at Macy's. I didn't buy them. Soooo tempted, though.

And finally....he was not amused. Sorry he's blurry.

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Priscilla Rynning said...

I LOVE the shoes!! Is your dress long or "waltz" length? If it is long I say get the shoes. If waltz, hmmmmm, gotta think on that one - maybe sparkly sandals!!