Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Photo Challenge #15-19

Me and someone I love...duh!

The last party you went to...Weddings are parties, right? :) Well, I've been to several, but I always took the pictures. The last one was in August this year, but the picture was taken last year. It's the only one where I was IN the picture.

A drunk photo of me...well, to be honest, I have been drunk before - twice. But I have no pictures of those times, thank goodness. This isn't a very flattering picture of me, so maybe it can be my drunk photo, which actually isn't too bad for that, I guess. 
One of your classes/School trip. I combined the two. I don't go to school and haven't had any special classes for almost 40 years. I've been in Bible classes, but I have no pictures of me in there. And then I found these. I went to Guatemala on a Compassion International Sponsor Trip and met the boy I sponsored. This is a high school class of kids who were making aprons with their names on them. I got to sit in on the class and while I was there, I was making bracelets for as many people as I could. I even showed a couple of gals how to make the bracelets and left floss with them. What fun that was just to visit the Compassion sponsored schools and see these kids doing so well.

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