Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo Challenge #20

Singing...singing...singing!!! It has been a couple of years since I've been involved with choir or a small group. I really miss that. If I want to join any of the worship teams at Hope Chapel, I have to audition - I think that's why I'm not involved. I don't know why I would fear an audition, but when I sing solo in front of someone I don't know, I think I sound nervous. I may get up the nerve after Christmas because I really want to get back into singing again. So, the following pictures are of me and Carol singing at Liz and Gregg's wedding. Liz asked us to sing for her and we both wanted Noonie to sing (who promptly said she wouldn't be able to because she would be crying). We ended up singing after all, mainly because Liz wouldn't let us get out of it. :) At rehearsal, I kept my composure till I got to the end and then started crying. Then when we sang again, I forgot the words. GREAT!!! But on the wedding day, we sang "I Will Be Here" without mistakes. We sat down, looked at each other and gave each other a thumbs up! It was all God for sure.

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