Friday, November 12, 2010

Photo Challenge - Day 4

Every May since Danielle left home, we would go to visit her in Oregon. I don't know why May, but it has been the best time for us to travel and for her to take off from work or school. Last year we were there during the Memorial Day weekend and Danielle had been wanting to go the Oregon Coast - "Let's go to the beach." As much as she didn't like San Luis Obispo (go figure), she really did miss the beaches. So we (me, Dan, Danielle, her boyfriend, Steven and best friend, Natalia) drove to the coast and walked on the beach and collected rocks and things. Just hung out and had a great day which included fish and chips in the little city right there (can't remember exactly where...I need to write these things down). Glad it was a beautiful day and NO rain!

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