Friday, September 30, 2011


We've been dealing with Dan and his stomach problem this week. Had an endoscopy yesterday and will hopefully get results soon. I guess I could have taken a couple of shots with my cellphone while waiting. Then I could have added them to this InstaFriday post since I didn't get too many this week again. :)

This was the sight of the beach BEFORE we even started our walk. So, you know that by the time I got back to this spot it was dark. I don't like it getting dark so soon. I'm a summer person and love the long days and walking while it's still light. But, that being said, it was actually pretty nice by the time we got back to this spot and not very cold either. So, I guess I can handle it for now. Oh, and all the stuff on the beach is all the bleachers and things that were taken down after the Hermosa Beach Volleyball tournament from the weekend. Can't believe I missed it. One day I will get to these tourneys just for the fun of watching. LOVE volleyball!
Liz and Gregg called to see if Dan and I wanted to meet them at Red Robin for lunch. Dan was already at work, so I went and joined them. I usually take pics of my food. Oh, well.

Then we went to the theatre to see The Help. On the way we say this.
Of course, Liz couldn't resist...

After the movie, which was excellent, by the way, I decided on the way out, to stop for the best drink (although those others sound pretty scrumptious) - Pumpkin Spice Latte and a cookie...didn't get dessert earlier, so figured it was time.

And I just happened to see this mall cop riding around. Didn't have my cellphone handy at the moment, so that's why the distant view.
And one of my DIY projects happened way back at Cal Poly. I happened to take an Art class where we made one thing from silver, one thing from clay and one thing from wood. God a C on the silver choker I made; a B on the mug with a place to put your hands and an A on my shifter knob. Woodworking is in my blood. Should I get together with Mr. Ernstrom? :) haha No, this was the only thing I ever made using real woodworking tools. It was supposed to be for my husband, but I didn't make quite what he wanted, but this still worked in a couple of our cars, one of which we had to send to the junk yard after a tree fell on it. I HAD to salvage this. It was black at one point, but I cleaned it up. Now it's on display.

Your turn to show off your fun/silly cellphone pics...and you don't have to have an iPhone to do this. I don't have one, but I enjoy trying to do this each week. Gives me something specific to blog about. :) 

And don't forget to add this week's InstaChallenge: DIY

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