Saturday, September 3, 2011


Sometimes I think that the only memorial to the 9/11 attacks is in New York City, but just walking around the South Bay, I find a couple of memorials and realize that they are everywhere because it is one event I know we 

Hermosa Beach has this memorial. (I cheated...copied from article, but wanted to have at least one picture along with the article.
And Redondo Beach has this. Each side tells the time and the story of which plane crashed where, including the Pennsylvania story with "Let's Roll": 

And then I have this memorial bracelet that I bought here. I rarely take it off, no matter what. I use it to remind me to continue praying for our military and all our rescuers and protectors who are out their putting their lives on the line. I'm sure they never dreamed they would ever be involved in such a huge event as this, but trust that each one is prepared as much as you can be no matter what. I thank you all for your service, your commitment to our country and your families who share you with us. God bless you and protect you.
  I will be delivering packages that our church has put together to some of our firefighters/policemen in my neighborhood. I've never done this before, and I'm excited to go thank them in person. 

What will you be doing, if anything, to remember our heroes on September 11th?

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Mallory said...

Wonderful post, Robbin! Thank you for doing those deliveries, they will be much appreciated! I will be at work, but we have lots going on that day, ceremonies and announcements, etc.