Thursday, September 29, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday

I don't even know who this little boy was, but I met him on my Compassion International Sponsorship tour when I went to Guatemala. He was being adopted by friends of a gal I met in my group. He is absolutely precious - notice he's not looking at the camera? He was watching his new parents. How adorable is he? 

What an honor to be able to share in this time with someone I didn't know - to see the transferring of this little guy into his new family. Kind of made me think of when I was adopted. I wonder if it was anything like this. I know my adoptive parents loved me, but they never really mentioned a lot about my time in Guatemala or my family and I wish they would have told me more about my background. But, I don't know anyone who is around that can tell me anything anymore. Not sure if I can research it either, but maybe I should try. What do you think?

I treasure the fact that God placed me in Guatemala and that He brought me to the United States and orchestrated my life the way He did. He knows what He is doing. So thankful for the life He had for me and has for me for the future.

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