Sunday, September 18, 2011


Taking a walk on Manhattan Pier. They didn't want their picture taken so I took it from behind. Dave, my brother-in-law, came for a Dodgers game and quick visit. We went to breakfast (can't believe I didn't take pictures of our food) and then for a walk on the pier.
 These were Liz and my seats for the game. Dan and Dave were a few rows to the right of us.
 The following are pictures of flowers and a house in Hermosa Beach that was kind of cool. No one is living there right now. I think it's a vacation home - the windows were all covered. I wonder if they would like some house sitters for the times they are gone?

This is my hydrangea bush. It didn't bloom like it did last year. So sad. The bad stuff was cut off and then all of a sudden there were two little blooms with a few more still to come. 

 I was glad to know that the Pepsis were "Not Actual Size" in the vending machine. Would have been too big to carry. 
 But I was sooooo thirsty.
This was on my Monday walk. It took a few minutes to get my cell phone ready to take this pic, but I was trying to get the massive flock of birds that were flying around the beach.

I was trying to get a picture of the moon and the stop light. The arrow was red and seemed to be pointing to the moon. Since I was in my car, I had a hard time trying to do it quick before the light changed, so forgot to zoom. Can you figure it out? Was straight in front of me.
I almost forgot a picture of something I love. I love my friends. The wall that this picture is on has a few framed pics or things from friends. This big one was signed by friends at our good-bye gathering at Ken's house. It's nice to every so often, look at the signatures and remember the good times and to get some encouragement when I need it. What a keepsake. Love it!
If you haven't already, link up with Jeannett for InstaFriday, posting pics of your week with your iPhone using InstaGram or just use your cell, like I do. Fun to see everyone's pics.

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