Friday, September 2, 2011


If it's Friday, it must be INSTAFRIDAY!!! I've missed it the last couple of weeks and I've missed doing other things, too. Too many distractions. Well, here we go. Linking with Jeannett with my cellphone pics. I don't have an iPhone, but you don't have to have one to join us here.

So our office is having a little problem...a long tail, wiggly nose, squeaky problem. This Snickers bar was supposed to be a small gift to a co-worker for a job well done. Well, it was left on Hilarie's desk with the card and she found this the next morning. We can't leave candy out, even in wrappers, because, apparently, mice, will eat through anything to get to anything. I have my snacks in a small plastic bin. That should keep them out. 

If you're traveling the 405S and see this sign (actually, the one right near the freeway), you are about to come to my offramp. My friend, Noonie, knew she was close when she saw this car (that looks a lot like hers). 
This is the church we go to and every Sunday they post a verse or saying. Pretty cool and lots of times, convicting. Good church, in case you are in Hermosa Beach on a Sunday. Look for us...we go to the 8am service on Sunday.
This netting was kind of cool. It was in the San Francisco airport. Then we went on the tram to the next terminal. Fun ride.

Sorry, it's not many this week. Hopefully, I'll get back into the groove of things again. 

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The Morris Family said...

Enjoyed seeing the 9/11 pictures. Thank you for sharing them!!