Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday

Do you remember this blog? Where Jeannett starts out, "I have a confession to make:
I’m terrible about daily Bible reading." And then she continues: "Absolutely terrible. I try, I really do. And then it falls by the wayside again. I have no excuse. ... but I do try to have reminders of God’s Word sprinkled throughout our house. Everyday reminders of His love. Encouragement that stems from Truth. Reliance on His goodness in all things. Not just on Sundays. Not tucked away in drawers to be pulled out for special occasions." Then she asks the question:
Do you try to display God’s words through your house too? How do you do it?
I wanted to do this sooner, but just got the time to take some pictures to share my treasured tokens and where I have my reminders of God's love and presence and Word.

This praying angel is a very special item. When Pastor Tim started at Grace Church eight years ago...REALLY? 8 YEARS? Wow! Well, when he started, at Christmas, he gave the staff special gifts. I thought it was so thoughtful of him and was so happy to get this sweet praying angel. It was always on my desk and now it is always somewhere in our house - usually on the entertainment center. I love the reminder that angels are around protecting us:

 For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11 

 I saw this in the Family Christian Bookstore in Torrance. The first thing I saw was the picture of the shells. Then I read the verse that went along with the word "Courage." It helped give me the courage to go out and meet people. After living in SLO for over 40 years, I was used to being around people and getting together with others for coffee, movies, etc. Now I'm becoming a hermit, sort of. But recently, I joined a Walking Moai Team and am meeting some other women in different stages of life. And we were involved in a Bible Study around the corner. I need to get back to that even if Dan can't go because of his job. And I'm doing Hula Praise...Hula danced to Christian music...sign language with hands AND feet. Great exercise!
 I might have shared this before. Don't know if you can see the verse: O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting. 1 Chronicles 16:34

Got this from my good friend, Noonie. Always a reminder to pray for her. I miss her and our times at the movies, Margie's breakfasts, Target runs, etc. Hope to visit her in Colorado Springs.
Wasn't even thinking about this word till I was able to find letters to spell something. I liked this word because it makes me think about taking a moment to stop and just rest. And I was going to add a card at the bottom of the "u" (which was actually an "n", but I added the ribbon to make it a "u") - "Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him." Psalm 37:7  I actually have that card on the monitor - I'm looking at it now. :)
 Just shared this little goody. The Lord's Prayer is always visible with this sitting on the entertainment center (opposite my praying angel). Love it! It was Dan's grandma's and we snagged it!
 My daughter gave me this and it just reminds me to count my blessings everyday. I should start writing them down. :)
 And I shared this, too. Just a very cute cross given to me by a former co-worker, Shelly. Miss that girl. So another thing to remind me to pray for someone. And a reminder that God is always blessing us wherever we make our home.
 I'm so bad at memorization and thought this would help. It did for a little while. Now that I'm looking at it again, I need to at least try making use of these cards. I just love the picture.
 I made this long ago - probably shared this, too, huh? Just a sweet reminder that "Jesus loves the little children..." We are God's children and He loves us so much! 
And, of course, the old refrigerator that can hold a mess of things. A very cute magnet made from a jeans pocket with the reminder "When this you see, please pray for me." Thank you, Priscilla. Praying for you now.

And magnets with my daughters and husband with their names and meanings and a verse to go along with the meanings. Missionary magnets and bookmarks. A "FAITH" magnet. And others. 
So, that's a glimpse of some of the ways I spread reminders of God's love and how I can always have Him in front of me everyday. I even have a couple of things at work. And I've finally been making a point of reading the Bible/having devotions when I first get up in the morning. That way I start out the day with Him instead of the computer and TV. 

Thank You, Lord, that you are always with us wherever we go even if we don't acknowledge You at the moment. Thank You for Your patience in waiting for us with open arms. Thank You for Your care for us and for Your protection as we go through the day. I love You, Lord.

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