Friday, July 29, 2011


Fail for this week, but here are a few picks from a couple of things I did. Went to Target and was starving...decided to have lunch. 
 My view from the table I was sitting at...very nice day. 

  The car to the left of the green car was driven by a little old lady, who, when she was parking, got out of her car, moved the cart that was in front of the car so she could pull in all the way into her spot. She then took the the cart station. I figured she'd take it into the store. haha  If you remember this, you remember my pet peeve about the carts and putting them back where they belong. Then as I left the store, as I was taking my cart to the station, a man offered to take it for me. :)
 I went for a walk with some new friends (the three ahead of me, the one next to me and one right in front of me). We met at the Surfer Statue at Hermosa Pier and then walked an hour. We headed towards Manhattan Pier and turned around and headed back. It was nice, but my legs hurt the next couple of days. I need to get out more, obviously. The day was gorgeous...and it was 6:30 pm, still warm.

Now link up with Jeannett and share your week - or even your few pics. 

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