Saturday, July 16, 2011


I've missed a couple of weeks since we were gone and then I was sick. But I didn't seem to take as much as I hoped. Here's some fun stuff, though.

Date night. We went to the Pier in Redondo Beach and had fun walking around. Stopped at one of our first ice cream/yogurt places. I got a banana split again. Don't remember it being so big.

And I saw a friend and her husband end up at Home Depot on Date night...we end up at Pep Boys. :)
Random...random...random...was watching golf and these legends were being interviewed - Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. I started watching golf with Dan and we are now watching the Open Championship (the British Open to us Americans). Anyway....
The two parakeet we birdsat while our neighbor went away for a couple of days. I used to have parakeets as pets when I was little. One we found in our yard - Pretty Pete. Two we bought - a green one, Peppy and a blue one, Tammy. Then Dan and I had Schöne (beautiful one in German) in Montana. 
Dan using his new BBQ that was purchased by the kids for Christmas (I think). Was making quite a bit of stuff, so ended up having Liz & Gregg over for lunch. Afterwards we went to the Dodgers game and enjoyed fireworks after the game. Delicious and fun!!!

Oh, yeah. We sat in the All You Can Eat section. That's good - or bad - whichever way you want to look at it. Different place, so a different view this time. And we had a policeman right next to us all night (they switched out every so often, but there was always someone nearby), so we felt safe, although we would have felt safe even if they weren't there. And then the military brought out the huge flag. I took video of that and forgot to take a picture. Haven't even loaded the video. Sheesh!

I bought this little bag for Dodger games, but it didn't get here in time for the game on July 4th. Got it in time for July 7th - Andre Ethier Bobblehead night. Liz had to have a bobblehead and I decided to start a collection, although I probably will only get one once a year, so it won't grow too fast. We got to the Stadium way too early. It wasn't even open, so we found a Starbucks (and other places in one big building) to hang out for awhile. There was a Subway, the laundry facility, vending machines, and a "get cash" type place.


I hope to get better at doing this and more consistent. But, in the meantime, link up. It's your turn.

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