Friday, July 1, 2011

Insta Friday

I've missed the past two Fridays. I almost feel like posting everything I've done, but I'll not bore you totally. I'll bore you later with separate posts on some things.  :) Here you go:

Helping Liz and Gregg move to Culver City (actually, their official address is Los Angeles since they live on the other side of the street/freeway). She started decorating as you can see. I was just resting and took these two pics figuring I'd use them here. :) So random.

One of my pet peeves (sort of). I remember when a friend, Debbi, shared about returning carts to the cart return area even when you didn't feel like it. It's a service to others and the racks are there for us. They do say "Please" and "Thank You". And just because you know the staff inside will come out to collect them, no matter where they're parked, it's just nice for them if they don't have to go all around the parking lot to find them, wasting time they could be spending serving us inside. Just because people are hired to pick up garbage or people volunteer to pick it up along the freeways, doesn't mean we just toss it out the window. Oh, wait! I guess it does! How hard is it to just have a bag for trash in the car and clean it out when you get home - or have your kids do it? Even with kids, I know it's hard to take extra steps and extra time, but it can happen if you really want to. Unload the groceries and then give the kids a ride to cart return. As they get older, have your kids do it.  :) The other day, there was a woman, alone, who put the cart in a parking spot. Then I saw a couple pass by and they were several cars farther away and the wife (I assume) brought the cart all the way back to the cart return. Anyway, there you have it. I don't do this much. Kind of fun.

I couldn't stand it! I HAD to buy this clock and slinky. Got them at the Salvation Army Store for about $3 total. I have a slinky somewhere in storage, but it has a bend. This one is almost perfect. And I'm not sure where I'll put the clock. Maybe just on a shelf for fun.
Just one rose out of hundreds around our neighborhood. Smelled WONderful!
Coming home from Culver City after having lunch and finding the kids' new apartment (this was before we moved them), we came upon the freeway onramp. It was like an alley. So strange, and I felt a little claustrophobic.

This is a preview of something I'll share later, thanks to Jeannett. She spoke about being "saturated" by God's Word...she has reminders all over her house. As I read this, I started looking around the house and I thought I'd share my reminders. But that's later.
Well, it wasn't as many pictures as I thought. It's your turn. Link up with Insta Friday and share your week. Fun to see others sharing some fun pictures.



Erika said...

Hello!! Found you through Insta-Friday :)

I cracked up when you said you missed 2 weeks and wouldn't bore people with posting everything that happened...because I totally posted 2 weeks worth of photos in my post. I couldn't help it :)

Have a wonderful day!

Nicolette said...

I so agree about the cart return and that clock is priceless :) Looks like you had a great week.