Friday, May 6, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday...on Friday AGAIN

This cross was given to me when I was leaving Grace Church and my job at the church. I worked with Shelly and love her so much. And what was funny, when she started, we thought we didn't know each other. It's funny how God brings people into your life, they go onto other things and they come back into your life again.

When Shelly started, we introduced ourselves. We talked about growing up in SLO and about living on Jaycee Drive. Me: WHAT!!!! I lived four doors from Quintana School. Shelly: I was three doors! YOU'RE ROBBIN BAKER!!!!!! You used to babysit me!!! Me: Oh, my gosh! You're kidding! You're Shelly! Shelly: Remember when the bookcase fell on me (or something like that)! Me: Wow!

It was fun working with her and sharing life together as I was moving and as she was going through her own struggles. She will always have a special place in my life and I hope to see her again sometime. In the meantime, this cross is right by the door, so when I see it, I can remember to pray for her and her family. Thank you, Lord, for bringing Shelly back into my life, if only for a short time again.

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