Friday, May 13, 2011

Insta Friday

I always knew the women's bathroom was a hazardous area, but I didn't know we needed hard hats! This is going on at work. I think they are adding more bathrooms to the other side of the wall. 
And, yes, I can be dorkish or whatever you want to name it...this is the tile in the women's bathroom at work. It just looked like it needed to be photographed. 
This was a special gift handed out at church on Mother's Day. As we stood up to be recognized, grammar school kids brought these around and handed them to us. Then they sang a special blessing song to the tune of Edelweiss.

And here is where we went for Mother's Day. It opened up at 9am, but we got there about 10:30. The hostess said it was a madhouse even before they opened. We didn't mind waiting, but we didn't have to wait long since we wanted to eat outside. Even though it was overcast, it was still pretty nice. They had he heaters on and when the sun did come out, they put up the umbrellas.
Here's what's left of our dessert. I forgot to take pics of it BEFORE we devoured it. It was actually low carb strawberry cheesecake, and still very tasty. I had steak and eggs for my main meal and Dan had salmon. All delish!
The valets were hopping, that's for sure. I don't think they had time to sit down...bring a car in, bring a car out. And there were men asking to find their cars just so they could get their coats or wife's sweater. I wonder how good the tips are. I could do this.
 Just a quick shot of the marina right by us as we are eating. Overcast, but not too cold.
These flowers were right next to our table. So pretty!

This is why I want my daughter's camera. Check her pics out. You can at least see who we saw. We went for a Mother's Day outing the night before MD...Newsboys, Kutless, Disciple. What a fun concert! It went by too fast, though, but it was so cool. My pic below is from my seat, right next to the catwalk. Best seats we ever had for any of the concerts we've gone to.

 As Jeannett says, it's your turn. Join us with your cell phone pics. At least this is one thing I'm sort of keeping up with. Always have my phone with me. Maybe I'll learn to take better pics at concerts, especially when I forget my camera. Have a good Friday.


Bobbie said...

that cheesecake looks irresistable.... makes me want to go to cheesecake factory now.

Heather H said...

Looks like you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

And that floor makes me think of a crossword puzzle grid! LOL

gin said...

what a nice mother's day outing you had.