Friday, May 6, 2011

InstaFriday snapshots

I didn't take many shots this week, apparently. 
I thought I was doing more. Here are my couple of shots.

...replaced these. I love poached eggs.
We took a trip to San Fernando Valley and on the way back stopped at a lookout point for Topanga Canyon. It was a might ward that day, but very pretty, actually. Oh, and we wouldn't visit SFV on a whim. We were actually going up to look at a car. The most promising, but need some work. Still looking.

 And these are the first blooms for our hydrangeas. Can't wait to see those colors again.

Okay. This wasn't from a phone camera, but I HAD to post it. My daughter goes to tons of celebrity events to get autographs and pictures. Well, she heard from a fellow autograph hound that Tom Selleck was going to be at an event, very low key, and she should get there to catch him before he goes in. She naturally called her momma who is a HUGE fan of this adorable, handsome, tall man and so I went. Took 5 minutes or so. He got out of his car, saw the SAG escort, looked towards us and another couple and came right over. Signed a couple of photos (he is now the first on my Magnum, P.I. cast shot) and then took pictures with us. I think I'm going to have to blow this one up and hang it on my bedroom wall. :)

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gin said...

pretty pictures of the scenery.