Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday

This is my favorite cereal bowl and juice cup. On my last week at work, my workmates took me out to lunch at Presto Pasta (I believe the week they were getting ready to close). They gave me this as a gift for my new digs in Redondo Beach. They were so perfect for my kitchen actually. Our house is very tiny, but the kitchen is a nice size. The cabinets are plastic-ish and blue. Ignore the dishes inside. It's kind of cute. 

Anyway, the gift is special to me because it was from special ladies I worked with for years. Some I'd known for years through ministry at church. Some I only knew a short time, but am glad to have gotten to know them at work. Some have moved away like me, but we keep in touch with Facebook (love that we can keep up with each others' lives). They are all beautiful women of God and I learned something different from each one,. I'm thankful to have them as friends, co-workers and sisters n Christ. And using these items just reminds me to pray for them. Love you all. I would name you, but I don't think I remember who exactly was there when I left since we had some turnovers, but everyone I worked with was special and fun. Miss you all.

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