Friday, May 27, 2011

Insta Friday

I love this day of blogging. Thanks to Jeannett, I'm using my camera phone more often, even if some of the pictures aren't that great. Someday I'll get a better phone. But this week was a fun week. I took a lot of pics, but realized they are mostly of Liz and graduation. :)

When we visit San Luis Obispo, we try to pick up our favorite chips - Taco Works!!!! We can't buy them in SoCal, so we bring them home, mail a couple to Danielle and give a couple to Liz and Gregg (although they visit SLO, so they can buy their own). I should see if they'll deliver.
The lei and balloons I bought for Liz for her graduation. I had to take the day off work (darn! hehe) to spend the day with her and family and friends who joined us.

Before the ceremony.
The can barely see it, but the banner is for her school - Communicative Disorders.

The Stage. This is the one with her at the right of the stage coming next.

These are some of her friends, I believe, who were in her major with her. They all made it and now, who knows what their next step will be. Liz and Gregg are moving closer to us and then she'll start interviewing for a Speech Pathology position, I think.
We could see the "Thank You" from a distance, but weren't sure who she was thanking. I was thinking his parents or us, but Dan hit it on the head. Who else, but the one who had to live with her and face all her stressful moments, tears, anxiety. Thanks, Gregg, for supporting her and loving her, especially when she was at her lowest. You helped her get through these past years and we are grateful to have a son-in-law who cares for our daughter as much as you do. You earned her diploma. :)

The Cheesecake Factory is becoming a regular party place for us it seems. This is the cake they brought for Liz with a personal congratulations for her graduation. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE SHE IS A GRADUATE WITH A MASTER OF ARTS DEGREE. Dan toasted her and said "She is now the most educated person in our family." That is so true!
To round out the day, Liz and Gregg picked us up and we went to the Comedy and Magic Club. Such a fun place to go. Liz and I have gone several times. This is the second time for Tom Wilson (Back to the Future). And there are usually a few acts before the headliners. I would like to see Brad Garrett, but his ad does say it's R-rated, adult-themed (not appropriate for sensitive individuals), so I really don't think I'll be seeing him anytime soon. Although sometimes there is at least one person before a headliner who will use language or explicit material for his act.  Anyway, we've seen Gary Shandling, and Liz and I decided we HAVE to go see Jay Leno. He's there every Sunday. It's his home away from NBC...a place to continue doing his stand-up. It doesn't hold a lot of people, so it's always packed out. And the food is very good and the service is great. So fun that it's just "around the corner" from us in Hermosa.

Part of Tom's act that we saw.

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