Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Birthday Day

The key to this day is that I got to spend time with Dan. He took the day off and we just hung out. Nothing extraordinary, but just a fun day doing things we like. Sorry I don't have more pictures. Didn't have my camera. And anything I took on my phone didn't come out really well.

So he took me to work and we stopped at Starbucks to get my birthday drink from them (got a card in the mail from them) and something to eat. 

He picked me up and we went home and he showed me all the fun little things he got for my car – a visor, a button for the window to match the front panel, a small pocket to also match the panel, a new switch for the back window so it will go up AND down, and a host of other fun things from the junk yard. And would you believe, I was ready to go “junking” with him to get more parts. But we decided to go see Tron and were debating on 3D or not. So we checked it out, went to Johnny Rockets where we could get a burger, a drink and fries and get 2 tickets to the theatre. Fun!  We had time to walk around, so we strolled through the mall and there was one stand that had all sorts of jewelry. Silver with an opal. Dan said, “The opal is my birthstone – now you’re stuck with me.” He’s funny. So then we went to the movie. 
 During the movie I was feeling light-headed and when we got out, we just walked around for awhile. Then we decided to go ahead and head towards the restaurant for my birthday dinner…Red Lobster (never been there). I was still feeling strange, so we stopped in the Sports Chalet for a little bit and then went to RL. We waited for about 15 minutes and then got inside. Had some water and iced tea and started feeling a little bit better. I decided that my lunch was probably to blame. Although, I wonder if 3D also affects me. I sort of felt strange after Narnia, too. But, I’ve been so used to eating healthier and I went and had a greasy burger with cheese, fries and a malt. I’m guessing that’s not the best for a diabetic, but it tasted good, for a little while. 

Anyway, dinner was yummy. I haven’t had lobster or lobster tail in decades. When I was growing up, my dad took us to Breaker’s every once in awhile and I would always get lobster. It was the Maine in him, I’m guessing. Dipped in butter, it just melted in my mouth. But since it’s so expensive, I don’t get it, but yesterday, Dan convinced me to do it. So I had lobster tail (and actually laid off the butter…still tasted good), NY steak, mashed potatoes (didn’t order that), rice pilaf (did order that), rolls and tea.  Then got sung to by the staff – off-key. That was actually a crack-up. No special dessert or anything, but it was fun anyway. I was too full. I was feeling good by then.
We stopped at K-Mart  just to look around and I found a couple of pairs of pants NOT FROM THE PLUS SIZE section!!!Then we got home and Dan gave me another gift – a calendar of Islands. It’s in my office now. 

So that was my day with my hubby. Time together that we haven't really had for awhile. And now we will have more days together with his weekends being close to what my weekends are now. Gotta start looking for things to do and places to go and people to see. Want to try to use our time a little more creatively. Looking forward to exploring our city more.

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