Thursday, January 27, 2011

MOTE-BAKER Choir members marry in SLO (part 2)

The bride chose a friend, Cynthia Tyrrell of San Luis Obispo, as maid of honor.
Attending as bridesmaids were Carolglee Peterson of Laguna Beach, and Marilyn Mote of San Luis Obispo, a sister of the bridegroom.
The bridegroom chose his brother, David Mote of San Luis Obispo, as best man. 
 Serving as groomsmen were John Lybarger of Yuba City and Gary Day of Cupertino.
Ushers were Gary Peterson of Morro Bay, Dale Petrick of Pismo Beach, Scott Bruce of San Luis Obispo, and Bill Mote, a cousin of the bridegroom from San Luis Obispo.
Nancy and Kevin Mote of San Luis Obispo, a sister and brother of the bridegroom were candle lighters.
Lee Shirey and his wife, Beth, sang a duet while the bridal couple took communion. Harvest, a group of singers from Grace Church, and Melody Springsted of San Luis Obispo, sang.
The newlyweds were honored during a reception in the church annex. They are making their home in Morro Bay after a honeymoon at King’s Retreat, a Christian campground in Tahoe City.
The above and yesterday's posts were all from the article posted in the Telegram Tribune regarding our wedding. Since it was weathered and wouldn't copy well, I typed it up. 

A couple of fun notes: One of the things that wasn't mentioned was my Book Attendants: Tzolig Haroutunian, Christy Jones and Alice Powers. They had a very important job, you know?
And I just had to pan out so you can see the "old sanctuary". A bit different, wouldn't you say?
About the attendants dresses: Cindy and I were shopping for dresses and happened to find the dress she wore that had my colors in it (powder blue and dusty rose). Glee and Marilyn ended up making their dresses...and Glee was hemming hers up while coming to SLO. 

And a story about the picture of the "reception line". The first person in line was a puzzle for us. We crack up even now at how funny it was that we didn't recognize this person. How embarrassing to find out she was MY cousin from Thousand Oaks, whom I hadn't seen forever! And I hate to say it, I still can't remember her name - she was one of 7 siblings (I think it was 7). :)

This all happened 32 years ago today. And I would DEFINITELY do it all over again. Happy Anniversary to my husband, Dan. Wish he had a blog and FB so he could see this. Guess I'll have to tell him myself. :)

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