Friday, October 21, 2011

We went to the Honda Center for a concert - Lord of the Rings. It was really nice except for the fact that it was the whole movie. Don't get me wrong, I love the movie. But even the lady next to me was disappointed. We both watched the movie to get psyched up for it and thought it would be just different scenes with the orchestra playing music for that scene. That's what they did with Star Wars last year, apparently. So, we sit for almost four hours. The music was beautiful, the soloists were okay (no comparison to Enya). Still a fun night with the kids (even though they weren't feeling well, but were able to get through this). It was actually a birthday night for Dan (a few weeks removed).

 I didn't even think about taking this picture till after I passed the bushes. They were so pretty with all their colorful flowers. You can kind of see the different colors. Just around the corner from me. Might take another shot if I get a chance. 
A few blocks away this corner house decorated for Halloween. Kind of reminds me of a friend who really does it up for holidays. I don't do Halloween decorating, but it's kind of fun to see other's stuff.

And we DO have Fall in Redondo Beach! :)

Okay. Now link up your photos. I have to thank Jeannett again for this fun Friday blogging. At least I get a blog a week done, for the most part. Will try to do more.

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