Friday, October 7, 2011


Where we ate lunch with Dave, Marie and Edna to celebrate hers and Dan's birthdays. Such a beautiful day in Cayucos. Even though it was windy, the glassed barrier kept it from bothering us. So nice.

 Walked on the pier. THERE it was really windy. Dave lost his hat in the water and we watched as a pelican claimed it and sat on it. So funny. And those spikes on the lamppost would keep ANYone off.

 The south end of Cayucos where some friends of ours are building a beach house. I'm so, SO jealous. Notice the stairs and the sign and the VIEW. See why I'm jealous. I'm excited for them. I already told them we were going to stay with them when we come up to visit. I think they're okay with that.

 This is a plaque on the bench just at the top of the stairs where my friend's beach access begins. 
 I hope you have a very fun and exciting or relaxing weekend. Join us with your cellphone pics. It's fun to see and meet new friends.

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The Morris Family said...

I am always drawn to beach pictures, guess because I am dying to go to one!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I want to be where you are!