Thursday, October 13, 2011


 I love this InstaFriday blogging, but I'm not doing it as well as I would like. Well, here are a few things from this past week. Happy Friday and link up with us.

Just for the fun of it, I took a few shots through the sun roof of my fun car. I don't know why it took me so long to open it while driving, but I decided it was a great way to get my Vitamin D that, apparently, I am lacking. It's so fun and warm and sunny - I do have to wear a hat or pull my hair into a ponytail, but that's fine. I'd rather do that than have my hair flying everywhere and knotting up. It feels so good to have my roof open while driving - not as much fun on the freeway, but I hardly drive there.

 Waiting for the train to pass by. I wish I would have been prepared because at the tail end of the train was a rail truck following the train. Looked so funny. Reminded me of Back to the Future III when Marty ended up on the train tracks when he came back to the future. :) 
I finally picked up my Hymns sign that Joy left at my mother-in-law's house. LOVE it! Gotta hang it up now. Let's hope it doesn't take as long to do that task as it did to get it.
 I tried to get a picture of an airplane going overhead. Should have opened my sunroof. Duh!!!!! I'm sitting in the cellphone parking lot for LAX waiting for Liz and Gregg to arrive from OR after visiting her sister. They had a great weekend. It was supposed to be the weekend we were all going to be up their for Danielle's wedding, but it didn't happen. Instead, they had Danielle Day and a ton of her friends came from all over just to be with her to support her on this difficult weekend. It was a success! I thank God that she has supportive friends who care about her and come to her when she needs them.
  Can you see the plane? :) haha
 We were in SLO visiting and when we come for a visit, we usually go to our storage unit to look for a couple of things that we decided we needed after all. Well, we were going through one of Dan's boxes and lo and behold... PEACE!!!
...and a gift he THINKS he bought for me years ago, but just never bothered to give me. haha I love this cute little jewelry box. 
And the earrings aren't bad either. Wish you could see them better in my ear. :) 

Well, now it's your turn to join us with your cellphone pics. Whether you have an iPhone or not (like me), you are welcome to share. Have a fun Friday.

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