Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday

This was made by a friend, Denene, who was my Bible Study leader several years ago. She made these for all of us if I remember correctly. I love how she personalized it with the verse on singing (I love singing in choirs, in small groups, with my friend, Noonie, when we used to sing duets together). In the corners, she put some little symbol that pertained to each person, too. For me, it was camping, music, the Bible, and not sure what the heart symbolized - maybe loving. And the flowers and the fence were so beautiful, too. I just loved how she tried to make each tile so personal for each person in the group, especially with a little touch of something she knew about us. She made it with love, with her own hands and with care. Thanks, Denene. I still have it hanging in my room (used to be in my office). If I do get a job where I can hang things, it will go with me again.

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