Friday, March 11, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday on Friday

Sorry. Still not used to having a theme day, but at least I remember eventually. I'll try to be more consistent ON Thursdays.

 I received these little trinkets from Linda from my Bible Study two years ago before I moved from San Luis Obispo. I thought it was such a beautiful gift...a way to keep a piece of the Central Coast with me all the time. I love Sand Dollars and shells of all kinds. I have a fishbowl full of them. And the glass is so pretty - sorry you can't see the real beauty that it is. Everytime I see this, I am thankful to have grown up in SLO and lived there for so many years. I miss it so much, but you go where the Lord leads and make the best of where you're at and with what you have.

Just recently, I've been thinking about my gifts and talents and realized that I'm not utilizing them like I should. I make excuses about not having another car or I'm too tired or I ache too much. Jesus walked everywhere. Even when He was tired, he was out there and THEN found a place to rest. And He knew more pain than I could ever imagine. What a sloth I am! I have the time and there are many ministries I can check out at our church. My other problem is taking on too much. So, I will look at the ministries, see what catches my eye and then make that call to see how to get involved.

I love having special things that remind me of how blessed I am to have so many friends and to live in special places. And to remind me that wherever I am, He can use me. The Lord is good...all the time.

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