Friday, December 3, 2010

Photo Challenge #21

It does sound kind of funny to have a picture of me standing, but here are a few I actually found.

Mexico!!!! I love this picture!!! Leslie, Kathy and Me. I miss those trips. Notice I'M the one leaning on a shoulder instead of the usual "lean on the short person's shoulder" person. :)  Even then I was taking pictures. I used to do that a lot. I'm trying to get back into that. I love when you can get fun pics to share.
This was taken the year these girls graduated, I believe. Ignore my weird face. Jon took the picture before I was ready. And I don't know why I'm finding pictures that accentuate my shortness, but this was just a fun picture with two of my favorite young ladies...daughters of two of my best friends. They are both independent, one working full-time and enjoying life. The other is now a mom herself. UNBELIEVable!!! I love these girls!
And, of course, I had to find one with me standing with my family. The bottom one, of course, was taken many years ago. The girls were just talking about this picture (check Dan's shorts - they were laughing about those). One of our too few vacations. Wish we would have taken more. But at least I'm in the pic instead of just taking it.

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Danielle said...

YES! I've wanted to have that pic and now I have it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dad's shorts :)