Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Challenge #27

A photo of last summer...A favorite time last summer was going to the wedding of a gal I mentored through her high school years. I was getting ready for a Mexico trip with the youth group, and one of the requirements was to find someone to mentor you (for the students). Well, I thought about seeking out a student to see about mentoring, but decided to let God take over. I figured if I was to be a mentor, God would have to show me who to mentor. Kayla and I were walking down the stairs to the youth room and she asked if I would mentor her. After the Mexico trip, I decided to ask if she wanted to continue getting together and she said yes. Kayla is a very beautiful, smart young lady and it was such a pleasure getting together with her every week to just talk about God and pray. We were joined by Anna for a little while and that was a fun time with the two of them. But Kayla got married last year, and I was so blessed to be able to come back to SLO to be a part of her and Andrew's wedding and reception. I love this couple and miss them. It's nice to see them when we go to SLO to visit, though it's too short of a time.

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