Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ducks, Sirens and Santa I'm watching the Ducks vs. Beavers, when all of a sudden there rose such a clatter, and sirens and bullhorns and neighbors. (Liz bought the visor for me when I go to a game - this is probably as close as I'll get). But back to the story.

So up from the couch and out of the door and this is what I heard from that loud bullhorn: "Here comes Santa Claus". I looked down the street and here's what I saw:

 All the neighbors were gathering with their children and having pictures taken with Santa. What a fun thing for the kids. And Santa's helpers were passing out Candy Cane Tootsie Pops - I even got one for Dan since he didn't follow suit.

I wish the pictures were a little better. My battery was starting to die, but you get the idea. Apparently Santa and the police cars go through several neighborhoods during the month and the people all around sure seem to enjoy it.

So, as everyone seems to be saying, "it must be Christmas-time", I guess it must be. I got my decorations out (brought them down from SLO this week), and decided to do some sort of decorating in this small house of ours. Just using my little fake tree at the front window. And then just a gold metal basket of ornaments. That's what I've done so far. I'll do more tomorrow.