Thursday, June 16, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday

I'm actually focusing on the chair, but the porcelain dolls are very special, too. I've had them all my life and I can't even remember where they came from - I assume my parents. And the dresses they are wearing are dresses I wore when I was little. And my girls also wore them. 

So, the chair is special. I used to have another chair that rocked and played music and I wish I still had that chair. There are a few things I was thinking about and wondered what ever happened to them. But this chair I used all the time and I still have it. Unbelievable! The one special thing about it is that my grandfather reupholstered it. I can't even remember what it looked like before this. This is all I remember. I'm glad my dolls are enjoying themselves in my Edna's. One day we'll bring it home with us - when we have room to show it off. :)

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