Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walking the Neighborhood

After doing Hula Abs and Buns (stop laughing - it hurt, believe it or not), I decided to walk around the neighborhood, several blocks, and take shots of some fun things.

Just outside my door - looks like spring is around the corner.
 There are always interesting styles of landscaping and plants to see.

 Ready for Valentine's Day and President's Day
 The walking/biking path where all sorts of people come out. Bikers, people walking dogs, moms pushing their babies in strollers, and people walking and taking pictures (that would be me). And I didn't notice the solar panels till today, and I noticed they were lighting up the walkway already.
Maybe Dan and I will take a walk at night just to see how well they work.

One of the neighborhood schools. Takes up a whole block - I walked around the whole thing and found a couple of fun things. The Clothes and Shoes drop-off unit can be found all over the place. Makes it handy to just walk some things there rather than driving to any other thrift store. And the Live Well Kids banner is from the place I have been volunteering, Beach Cities Health District. They have many schools involved with planting gardens and learning about nutrition and exercise. BCHD was very instrumental in getting Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach (Beach Cities) voted as "Vitality City". AND if you check out the Vitality City website, you will see the best sellers, "Blue Zones" and "Thrive" (the book where San Luis Obispo is highlighted as the happiest place in America). I feel kind of special, being involved with a great place like BCHD. I've had to quit my volunteering till we get another car or I find a way to get there (bus or riding my bike, maybe).


 My neighbor is also ready for Valentine's Day. Guess I have to hang my banner outside now.

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Joanie said...

Very pretty! Hula sounds FUN!