Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Treasured Tokens Thursday

I thought I would try doing a theme thing and pick a day that I would blog about something or someone special. I came up with the idea of taking something I own - a picture, a charm, a gift - and tell why it's special. I don't know why I chose Thursday to write about it, but then I had to come up with "T" words to describe what I was blogging about. Treasure is to regard or treat as precious; cherish. A token is an object of value. So I came up with Treasured Tokens Thursday. I may forget to post until I make it a habit, and I'm going on vacation next week to visit my engaged daughter in Oregon. Yay!!! Hope I can be more creative with my blog now.

So here is my first treasure - a picture that I snapped of a t-shirt 
that was created after the death of a very special person - TJ Ramler.
I have it hanging with some other treasures that I'll share in the future.
Friends of ours lost their son in a tragic accident at Hume Lake quite a few years ago. We'd known TJ for a few years through working with the youth group at Grace Church, SLO. He loved the Lord, loved the youth (he became a youth adviser after he graduated) and loved surfing. After his passing, this design was created, I believe, by the Grace Youth and transferred to t-shirts. "See Ya Forever" was something TJ said all the time. I hope he doesn't mind that I sign off on my emails and sometimes my cards and letters with his words. It reminds me of him and the fact that we will see each other again - FOREVER! And it's my way of saying I'll see you forever, too. I may not see you again on earth because of distance, but there will be a time we will stand face to face together in our Lord's presence.


Bren- said...

Tom & I are thankful for your rememberance of our son. It is nice to know that others still think of him as well.

Bren- said...

We can hardly believe it has almost been 12 years. Thanks Robin

chumbake said...

Thanks for this post. I can't tell you the positive effect TJ had on my life. I think of him often, remembering youth trips, and hanging out, and thank God for those great times.

My "see ya forever" shirt is cut out and framed very similar to your picture. It reminds me all the time to value the moments we have with each other and that everlasting treasures are all that truly matter.

I cannot wait to see TJ again. After hugging goodbye, the last words I heard him say before heading back to Hume were, "See ya forever, bro." And I will see him forever.