Monday, August 17, 2009

As promised awhile ago, here are some pictures of our house BEFORE and AFTER. Today, the living room. The other rooms I'll get to in another blog.The wall to the right is as you enter the front door. There is a heater and our bedroom door. I wish I had better pictures of BEFORE on this one. Maybe you'll get the idea.
We bought the little computer desk because it fits SO much better than the one we had and we could put it in the living room since I like to be on the computer late and Dan goes to bed early.

This is to the left of the front door (the right side of the picture is the doorway to the kitchen that you see as you enter the house).
Our entertainment center fit perfectly there and I could have a few pictures and some of my scrapbooks and photo albums. The exercise ball is there to brag - that I haven't done anything yet. Actually, I have some barbells and some DVDs and a couple of other things handy and just started getting some use out of these things. If you look at the plant to the left (on top), I got that from my office staff. Truthfully, it got knocked over and I had to get a new pot, and IT'S STILL ALIVE!! I love it.
The wall to the left of the front door.
This is the only seating we have, other than our office chairs. So, when we have company, we bring those into the room and if we need more, our beach chairs.

I'll try to get some other pictures up once I get those room a little more "organized". Am finally enjoying the time here and love having a little house with no "wall neighbors."


Joanie said...

Robbin, look at your sweet place! Thank you for sharing - I've been trying to get my place ready for months to do some photo sharing. We are still buried in disorganization, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You, on the other hand, look quite settled in and unpacked. Hooray for you and Hooray for your cute house. Well done. (I'm also very impressed with your scrapbooks - a whole other project that will be a lot of fun to accomplish.)

Joanie said...

Oops. Regarding the scrapbooks: I'll get those accomplished after the organizing. I hope...)

We also move seats around when there's folks around. More than just birthdays in common!