Monday, April 6, 2009


After opening this link to our new house you need to rotate the picture twice to get the view of our house. So, where the arrow is pointing is our new place (after rotation - got it?). It's small, but it's good for us. The blue rectangle is showing our house, plus the apartment complex behind us. Right behind us, between the house and complex, is a shed where our washer & dryer are. And right under the first unit is our garage. You can see the driveway and in the shadow is where we can park our second car. There is street parking, but hopefully, there won't be too many cars (from other tenants) using the driveway so we won't have to do any street parking.

So, Dan will most likely move in sooner than me since I have to give notice at work. First he needs to get a fridge, THEN he said he'll be ready to move in. He figured he would be able to leave at 4:30am to get to work by 5am. He's so excited that he won't have to commute to Long Beach in the afternoon anymore. And we are only about 2 miles from the beach, and 15 minutes from a church we might consider...we are actually going to visit more to make sure. Maybe next week I can take some things down to start. I can't believe it's almost here - moving to LA.

Oh...and the funny thing about this house...God showed us this house about a month ago and I thought it was a little small. We didn't even call the owners (who are Christians). So Dan parked in front of it again, and we decided to check it out. The owners told us it was open, so we went in to see it and we decided it was doable and worth it to have a house rather than an apartment, no matter how small. And it had a garage, washer/dryer and it's month-to-month, which is great. I'm so glad He took us back AND we actually checked it out. It might be another month before He would have to show us again, until we finally got it in our heads that this was the place He had for us. And I would have still been complaining we didn't have a place yet. We of little faith and short-term memories.

Thank you, Lord, for you patience with us and for showing us - AGAIN - the place you already picked out for us. We passed it by so many times, driving all over the place trying to find the right place and it was there all the time. I'm surprised it wasn't rented already, but You're not. It was ready and waiting for us to take the next step. Thank you for that nudge. I pray we will make it a home that will bring glory to Your name and, even though it is small, that we can still be hospitable to others as we get to know our neighbors, make new friends, and have visitors now and then. Thank you for our new home and for bringing Dan and I back together under the same roof. We love You.


Joanie said...

Congratulations, Robbin! I loved this sweet post and sweet prayer. We will miss you!

Precious Father, thank You for providing this darling house! We pray Your mercy over this transition, that You will bless Robbin with work that is fulfilling and uses her many talents. I praise You, Father, that Robbin has a gleam of anticipation in her eye, though I know the journey was not easy. Thank You for this couple who loves You. We'll miss them and pray that this next chapter in their lives will quickly fill to overflowing with sweet memories. Amen.

Carrie Haughey said...

Oh, Yay Robbin! So glad you finally found a place (again ^_^) We will miss you so much at Grace and in the office, but I know that this is such a good move for you right now! See you in the morning!

Priscilla said...

So good you found a place, Robbin! God is good----ALL THE TIME!!! Yes, again I will say that I will miss you much, but speaking from experience (4 YEARS living away from Peter when he was working up in Eureka)being together is SOOOOO good!! Praying for all the other things to beging working together---can't wait to come to coffee :)