Monday, April 13, 2009

My future home

Our little house in Redondo Beach. Dan's going to clean off the door - probably repaint it. The screen door is one of just a few that are security doors, but the tenants felt safe enough to leave the doors unlocked for anyone to go in and check it out. That's why were able to see it when we did and were able to let him know we were interested in renting. We now have our keys.

Our garage and driveway.

The back door that leads to the shed where our washer and dryer are. (we found out they were left behind by the last tenants and were going to get taken away - we were able to keep them - so basically we weren't going to have laundry facilities. Glad we found out before they were taken away.)

Some of the kitchen, including the nook where the refrigerator will fit (hope to find one).

The living room looking to the kitchen.

The walk-in closet and our bedroom looking towards living room.

The bathroom. Not a lot of storage, but we'll figure out something.


Joanie said...

Cute place, Robbin. I love the paneled doors - such character. Thanks for showing us your new home!

Kristen said...

phew, glad you got that washer and dryer!

i was going to tell you, every place i've lived since getting married has had NO storage in the master bath (the first place we lived only had one bathroom, and it didn't have any storage). you get creative!

Melissa said...

What a great beach house! I'm so excited that you found it--one less thing to worry about. And you'll get to live with your hubby again soon!! Yeah!!!

Allison Brown said...

I hope everything goes smoothly for your move. Glad God led you to a place that works well or you. And so close to the beach--how fun!

Katie Lady said...

Now that you're moving to LA, we'd love to have you take a drive to the OC for a visit! God does provide and since He made the way, He'll give you lots of chances to use it for His glory.

Jaclyn said...

Can't believe it took me this long, but glad I found your blog and can keep myself updated on you and Dan. Many blessing from accross the Atlantic!