Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Snippits

I'm going to try and be a little better at blogging, if only a couple of days a week. One thing I'd like to do is share something I learned or liked from church services, whether from Hope Chapel or any church we may visit. So, to start the new year right, here are a few things from today's service at Hope Chapel.

When you decide to obey God, be prepared for three things to happen:
1)  DISCOURAGEMENT - This is the devil's greatest weapon. He knows our flesh is weak and uses that against us.
2)  DISTRACTIONS - You will find yourself rationalizing why you don't pray or read the Bible (for me, it's "I'll do it later" and I never did)
3)  DETRACTORS - People who make fun of you or laugh at you because of your faith. Don't let these people cause you to give up or hide. Continue to trust God.

So, I decided on a word for the year - EXPECTANT! (Marked by eager anticipation) 

Live EXPECTANTLY - expect God to work in ways you can't even imagine this year. Let Him work and quit trying to work for Him or tell Him how to work things out. God's way is always the right way. There is great security in obedience.

"You will never obey God and regret it." Pastor Zac Nazarian (not sure if this is his quote or someone else)

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