Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Prayer for Someone Who's Special to Me

It's been awhile since I've blogged, obviously, so I decided to try and start up again. I'll begin with a poem I found years ago. And I'll dedicate it to ALL my friends.

A Prayer for Someone Who's Special to Me

I often say a heartfelt prayer
For my friends who mean so much
I ask Our Heavenly Father
To bless everything they touch...

I ask Him for the graces
That they will need each day
To solve their doubts and problems
And to take their cares away...

I ask that He will fill their lives
With sunshine after rain
With success to crown their efforts
And with comfort for their pain...

I ask that He will give them friends
To brighten daily living
And hearts that know the lasting joy
Of loving and of giving...

And every time I say this prayer
One thing I always do
Is to ask these blessings specially
For a favorite person...YOU.
~Jean Kyler McManus~


Priscilla Rynning said...

Thanks, Robbin, for including us!! You guys are very special to us too!! - and we miss you soooo much :(

Mallory said...

Very sweet Robbin! I have a poem similar that is framed in our house.