Monday, August 30, 2010

Such a small world

I was going to do some extra work across the street from my building and decided to get lunch from the cafeteria where I work. I decided to eat outside on the patio since it was a beautiful, sunny day. All the tables had someone at them, so I decided to ask if I could sit down with this lady who was on the phone. When she got off, we talked a little while till she had to get back to her office. She lives in Whittier and would like to move closer to work. She was heading to Pismo Beach this weekend. She almost got a job in San Luis Obispo, but decided to stay here. After she left, another gal came and asked if SHE could sit with ME. So we started chatting. She was Maria from Guatemala. If you know me well enough, you know I was adopted. I was born in Guatemala and my given name was Maria. SO weird. She also lives far away, but she takes the train which stops right at the crosswalk all us Raytheoners use to go back and forth from building to building.

I don't usually just go up to people and start conversing with them, but it just seemed right and natural and it was fun to meet new people where I work. Whether I see them again is another story. But I like how the Lord brings us together, if only for a few moments. I hope to see them again - another sunshine lunch maybe.

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