Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Did You Get Your Name?

As I look through my Google Reader and see all the titles/names of blogs, I started thinking about who was behind the blog. Some of the names are obvious to me, while others made me wonder what influenced you to choose the name you did.

As for me, I think you figured it out. I was born in Guatemala and placed in an orphanage. I was adopted by an American couple who were in the Army and "happened" to be in San Salvador and they wanted to adopt a baby. They couldn't do it in San Salvador because they wouldn't let the children out of the country at the time, so the couple went to Guatemala and found me. ADOPTION #1.

After moving to San Luis Obispo, and after my best friend moved away, I started getting some strange letters about a "new life" in Christ and being "born again". I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 16 and realized that I was adopted by God - I became His child and a sister to Jesus...ADOPTION #2.

Sometimes I think I should be Thrice Adopted because I also became a citizen of the United States when I was just shy of four years old...adopted by this country. Oh well. I would have to write a whole new poem, change my email address and all my usernames if I did that, so I'm content with Twice.

So how about you? Care to share how you got your name?


Allison Brown said...

Robbin - Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I'm sorry to hear about Dan and your having to move out of slo. I know you will miss it but I'm glad you've got your daughter nearby. I know I wish sometimes to go back and I hope to someday. I will be praying for a smooth transition for you and that you will find a good place to live. I look forward to reading and hearing how things are going.

Joanie said...

We are also sad to think of you entering your new adventure away from SLO, but we have faith that God has so much blessing in store for you.

We got a sweet little package today. Absolutley perfect! Thank you so much.

We have to see you before you go.

P.S. My blog name is due to our property - which I love, but it's a lot of work to keep a meadow up! Hence the "wild" part.