Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, we aren't in our own house, but we can still do a little decorating. My mom-in-love, Edna, is still debating on a tree because it's only me and her and I'll be leaving and she'll be going to Dave's (Dan's brother) house on Christmas Day. But she did decide to at least put a few things up. So here are just a couple of things to start:

This is part of a whole snow scene set that was at the house Edna grew up in down in Goleta. Her sister moved to Oregon and everything was divied up and sent to other relatives to enjoy. There were tons and tons of things that went to other households. I have a whole new china set from the things that were from that house...I never got china when I was married, so I'm excited to start using this wherever we end up. Maybe try to be a little more hospitable and have people over more often. Anyway, Edna wasn't sure who wanted this whole set, but figured we could enjoy it this year.

Did you ever own a Radio Flyer? I did when I was little, but it's nowhere to be found now. (Did you see my blog about the old bike I got back from my neighbors? I have new handlebar grips, lights and a rear view mirror on it now, so I'm set to go riding - I'm not too steady yet, so I don't go far, just in the neighborhood).

And here is her Nativity Scene. I don't know how old it is, but here it is, on top of the piano as it is every year. All the kid/grandkid pictures are stuffed away somewhere else to make a place for the Baby Jesus...once a year. He should be in the place of honor every day of the year, huh?

And, of course, there are the homemade items that you keep for years and years AND years to come. These are Edna's. She can't seem to part with them and I don't blame her. Aren't those girls adorable? Hard to imagine them at ages 25 and 23, but they are now adults and living in other places, making their own lives and starting new traditions of Christmas. I hope the one tradition they remember - I hope the one TRUTH they remember - is that Christmas is the day our Savior, Jesus Christ, came to earth in human form. It was the only way He could meet us at our level to show how much He loved us. And I hope they remember that it didn't stop there. He traded His life for ours so we could be His brothers and sisters and share in His inheritance and live with Him forever. I pray we all think about this as we decorate, shop, and travel. I hope we think about this daily and thank Him daily for His love and care for us.

God bless us - everyone!


Joanie said...

Beautiful story and words at the end, Robbin. I loved seeing your girls! I just got one like that from Sedona at preschool. Precious.

Enjoy your new china set! That is very exciting.

Bonnie said...

I had a radio flyer that my brother and I literally wore out pushing each other up and down the hill by our house. Hey, you are living THE ultimate adventure now with no one to lead you but Jesus. Have fun with it. It's really no better place to be. Merry Christmas to you both.

Our Life Together said...

Love them, wish I had decorations to pull out. I pulled our our Christmas Tree and it was a disaster, I couldn't figure out how to put the light on and hide the streams and all that....I gave up :(. I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas.