Saturday, January 26, 2008

Twice Adopted

A scared girl searching, with no skill or home
And a daughter she's had who can never be her own.
She's young and all alone.

The baby's life right now is uncertain
A child brought by God into this world.
Her future seems bleak as she sleeps unknowing
As the plans of God are unfurled.

A man and woman who want children so much
But together no child would there be.
"Adopt a child" says a very dear friend,
"And I know just the child you should see."

The mother gives up her dear daughter
The couple are now mother and father.
The baby now has a new family
Wonderful are God's plans for me.

My life has been spared by a couple who cared
And God did the same thing for me.
He sent His Son to die in my place
Now I am His for eternity.

Adopted by the One above; adopted because of His great love.
Adopted by two families; adopted because of their love for me.

Dedicated to the parents who loved me and are no longer with me: Ray and Doris Baker. I miss you and I thank you.

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