Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Encourage One Another

Encourage one another
Never cease to care
Call upon each other
Our burdens we can share
Reaching out
Available to pray
Giving of your time to others
Evens the path along the way
Meeting needs of others
Encourages the heart
Not just in bad times, but all the good
Take time to do your part.

I hope that I am there for people when good things happen and bad things happen. I want to be your cheerleader and I want to be your comforter as needed.

As I write this, I am thinking about a friend of mine who's husband just passed away yesterday. Yes, he is with the Lord now and that is fantastic. HE IS HOME!

It is also shocking and sad and I wish I could be with my friend right now, even if it's just to sit and hold her. I want to be there to help her. I want to be there to pray with her. I hope there is someone with her on the flight she is on who is able to comfort her in this moment. But since I can't be with her physically, I know my Lord and God is with her and He is holding her and I hope she can feel His loving arms around her - letting her know that He knows how she feels. She must have a lot on her mind - missing him, realizing there's a business to keep running, her health isn't the best, and a wedding to keep preparing for.

I want to be with her daughters who have been a big part of my life and my own daughters' lives. I wish I could hold their hands and let them know they will all be okay. God is with them, too. There is a plan in all this and we just can't see it right now. But I know God loves them and He will use this time in their lives to further His kingdom and grow them.

"God, please be with Debby, Brie and Erin and the rest of their family and friends. I pray that there will be someone waiting for Deb at the airport. I pray her girls are being comforted even now by friends and family. I ask that if there is anything I can do, You will show me and guide me. Please love my friend and give her peace and comfort at this time. Hold her so close that she can feel it and feel Your love cover her at this time - and the same with Brie and Erin. Thank you for them and for their dad, Peter. Thank you that He is home with You and we will see him again."

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